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Hi, my name is Sara Seaidan. I will Make my story short but I will tell you my soul purpose which took me long time to discover. As souls we are all here to learn and teach something, in another world life is a process of learning and teaching. Souls attract each other for a purpose. Life is a journey as well to find your purpose of what you are giving to the world. Through that journey you get to learn different things and experience things that are eventually takes you to your purpose. For some cases people get unaligned to their purpose and suffer. In my case, I had the same experience, I grow up very shy but I was curious to discover hidden knowledge. As I was shy I had to intensively learn by myself in my own horizon depending on my sense, that is the reason why my psychic ability and inner-connection have developed. I grow up with my brother who was very spiritual. We used to look differently for everything trying to give deeper meanings. We were quite different, thus we had few friends as our interest was different than children. During my teens, I decided to change for the sake to be like people in my age and that was the start of my suffering. I was trying to ignore my true self and whenever I do that something pull me back to myself. I studied and worked different subject from IT, Business, Finance to Fashion but still something was always missing. However, I was secretly learning about the subject about body-mind-spirt. I am certified NLP practitioner and RIKI practitioner and instructor, as well as, I am certified Theta Healing Practitioner.

Finally, and It was only when I started Theta Healing modality, I discovered my limitation that stopped me of being who truly I am. Now I found my purpose and I am happy to share it with you my dearest visitor.

"I am here and I am committed to support people to find their power that is within themselves, overcoming any limitations to achieve their optimum success and contribute to the world. But I am doing so only once their ready."