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First Article: How I decided to do what I am doing?

Hi, today I just want to share with you with my story of resisting to chase my heart and to do what I am for. Since I was young, I was always asked for advices and my feelings toward certain things. My parent knew that and thus advised me not to share that with people. I thought they extra protected and caring. They had fears from evil eyes. I had to live my life hiding my abilities. When I discovered Theta, I had the chance to look at all my limited believes. I had some believes that were stopping me of being who I am. I used to think that my parents were stopping me, till I discovered that I am the one who held myself back. After changing my believes and looked back differently, I knew that my parents were my main support as opposed to that I though. As human being, we tend to blame others of our limitations, we tend to make this as excuses. There is no one stops any person of achieving. We have all the power to overcome anything if and only if we deal with our limitations.

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