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How did I discover my soul purpose?

Hi, as always I will make the story short. In general, if we think of anything that we like, while having our eyes closed, our heart gets lighter and vies versa for things that we don’t like.

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I had tried different modalities to discover my purpose. I used to meditate in different ways but the most is guided meditation, where the practitioner takes you to journey to your heart and guided you to see what is in there. In addition, I did the Theta method for attracting your soul purpose and asking to have the clarity about it, in addition to alighting yourself to your soul path.

People sometimes, as my situation, go to different directions and find them self in temporary confusion. Everything happens for a reason, it maybe a journey for you to learn that will take you to your path eventually. But this is not always the case, as even finding your soul purpose can be held back because of some limiting beliefs, fears or vows. For Example, common belief maybe a deep as “I will die, if I find my soul purpose”.

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