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Third Article: How can I manifest?

Hi, lets make manifestation as simple as that:

  1. Identify what you manifest.
  2. Define your feelings once you have it.
  3. Imagine that you have already.
  4. Live the emotions, as you can. Sense it deeply.
  5. If you feel any negative feelings, notes them. As you need to harry and sort these emotions and limitations. If you don’t, you will attract your negativity and fears instead of what you wish for. You need to clear all the subconscious limitations that are stopping you. Once you don’t with that go to step 1 again and onward.
  6. There’s a method of manifesting in theta healing. Your can try it.
  7. In general, if you do not practice theta healing, you can express your gratitude of having what you wished for and sense that.
  8. Now you should witness the healing energy coming to you with your wishes

Another way to manifest is writing down positive and only positive affirmation of what you want, but only in present tense. As

  1. Write with had in notebook that you enjoy writing in. it is always better to be as specific as you can.
  2. Reread your positive affirmation between time to time.
  3. After reading it, imagine it happening and has happened already.
  4. Finally express your gratitude of having it in your life and sense that fully.

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