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Fourth Article: What is The Wealth consciousness?

Hi, today I will take about very important and hot topic. Wealth Consciousness is what makes you rich or poor. There many people talk about how to be rich, by listing thins you have to do. However, we don’t hear about a mythology that goes deep inside you. Inside your belief in its four level (genetic, core, soul, history) to identify what makes you poor. The good news, theta is the only modality that work on that. Through Theta and Digging work you will know that. Let me give you an examples of some comment belief that stops you of being wealthy and make you loose and take you sometimes to the journey of win-loose and rich-poor.

And many others beliefs. I personally think that we decide who we are by taking the decision, then healing any beliefs on our way. In summery, take the lead our let your subconscious beliefs and limitations drive you.

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