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What is Theta Healing?

Theta healing can be best described as energy healing modality. It is a spiritual meditation that uses the Theta brain wave to change some limited believes and sickness in a person’s subconscious mind to create instantaneous physical and emotional wellbeing. Theta healing was founded by Vianna Sibtal in 1995. Since then, Vianna has offered verity of training programs for instructors and practitioners to spread the knowledge and the benefit of Theta healing.

How does theta-healing work?

Theta healing modality uses basically two steps for healing. First, the practitioner tries to find out the bottom or root believes that makes the illness or the limitation. In this process, the practitioner uses the digging work by identifying why the patient holds in this limiting subconscious believes. We tend to keep limiting believes for two reason: serve or protect us from a fear. During this process, the practitioner communicates with the sub-conscious mind by muscles testing or by doing body scan. We get believes from different level historically, genetically and we accumulate them through or experiences. Theta healing change all the beliefs from all levels it changes even your DNA.

After finding the root limiting sub-conscious believes the practitioner go two second step which it Theta Healing. Theta healing practitioner gets first connected to the source energy in the theta brain wave, and then ask the creator for the instant healing. For further information, kindly clickHere.

What is Theta Brain wave?

Theta Brain Wave goes slower from 4-7 cycle per second. It is the brain wave that encounters deeper meditation than the alpha and it is the one that embraces hypnosis. Mental Imagery happens during the theta brain wave it is happen during the REM(Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep cycle where dreams happen. For further explanation , kindly clickHere.

What is plane of Existence?

It is assumed that conceptual seven planes of existence make up the universe, and we all connected to each one to some extent. We are an integrated being made up with physical, emotional, mental spiritual qualities. For further information, kindly clickHere.

How I can heal myself using theta healing?

You can do whatever you wish for using theta healing. For further explanation kindly click Here .

How to use muscles testing?

There are two main ways to perform the test, but all need well hydrated body to get an exact response from the subconscious mind. The first Test is called finger test and the second one is called the body sway.

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Is Theta Healing for everyone?

Yes, it is for everyone who is ready and looking for healing.

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How long does theta healing takes?

Theta healing is instant healing that uses the power of all that is. The only thing that may take time is the digging work to find out the root belief that holds the issue.

Do you offer offers?

Yes, we do have point system for individual session. We offer 20 minutes free consultation to make healing plane for packages, we gives offers on packages as well,

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We have free daily download service that everyone can register in.