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Before stating the way that I can help you, it would be worth noting my purpose of life that I am happy to share:

"I am here and I am committed to support people to find their power that is within themselves, overcoming any limitations to achieve their optimum success and hence contribute to the world. But I am doing so only once they are ready with their free well accept the changes"

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Whatever is the reason the healing is the same technique. The healing is simple and instant, once you are ready to accept to change. Most importantly you should believe in the power of creators of all that is, God, unconditional love energy that heals instantaneously. Whatever you call that energy but you should belief with strong faith in an optimum energy that has the power to do anything.

Prior to the healing, you and I will have to dig down to find the root subconscious beliefs that brings that limitation and find out why you holding that belief. During this process, I would ask you some questions and check the answers with your subconscious mind using muscles testing to find if you truly have certain belief. Once we reach to the root belief, we can replace it and heal from all belief levels (core, genetic, history and soul) by asking the creator to do so and be the witness of the healing. For theta healing to work your free well should accept that changes. For that reason, before I go into the theta brain wave meditation to request and witness the healing, I will ask your permission by telling you the exact statement that I will ask the creator for. For instance, it is common if you suffer from not loving yourself enough, this maybe because you subconsciously do not know the true definition of love. This can be simply solved by asking the creator to teach what love is from The Creator's highest perspective. The statement would be as:

After I completed the theta meditation process to be connected to the creator's energy. I will simply say:

"Creator of All That is It is commanded to teach "YOUR NAME" the definition of love from your highest prospective, and how to feel it and sense it and how to experience is it. It is also commanded to teach " YOUR NAME" what it feels like to love her/his self and loves other and what it feels like to receive and give love to others unconditional for your perspective. Creator of All that is It is commanded to teach " YOUR NAME" the highest prospective on how to, that he/she deserve to, safe to , allow his\herself to, she\he does live her\his daily life with love with grace and ease.

Healing is done, thank you thank you"

However when changing a belief, it would be the same process but instead I will ask the creator to pull out the limiting belief from all four levels( core, genetic, history and souls) to be sent to creator's light and replace it with a desired belief.

After requesting the healing, I will simply witness the healing to be done on your energy field. Then check back by muscles testing to make sure that the belief has change. If the belief still there, additional digging work should be done to find a deeper related belief.

If you find that, you are ready to heal and start living your desirable life. Iwill be more than happy to help. Take your chance and book your private session Book Here

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