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It is assumed that conceptual seven planes of existence make up the universe, and we all connected to each one to some extent. We are an integrated being made up with physical, emotional, mental spiritual qualities. The First Plane is all non-organic materials that make the earth. It is where molecules join to make up non-carbon. Soil, sands, rocks, water, minerals and crystals are all from this plane. Tt is the solid structure that makes the universe. Our body we also made up from minerals, water and other first plane component, which makes up strong and grounded. Taking supplement from this plane as for example, calcium and magnesium strengthen our body and affect stably and strength emotions.

The Second Plane of Existence made up by molecules coalesce with carbon and organic material such as vitamins, plants, trees, herbs, viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungus. The second plane of existence components also contribute in building our human body, thus we are connect to this plane and all planes.

The Third Plane of Existence is where animals and humans located. life is considered as illusion of reality. We experience life and acts upon our beliefs and connection to all of the planes.

The Fourth Plane of Existence is where spirts exists. Some healing modality uses the energy of this plane. The main problem with this plane is that involves scarifies to heal in contrast to Theta healing that uses the energy of the creator and unconditional love which does not require any king of scarifies. Some people are stuck in this level with a vow or commitment, theta healing helps to release that. Emotions that involves suffering usual from this plane. A common subconscious belief that is from this plane is "I have to suffer to learn" or " I have to trade my body health to heal". There are more beliefs to check whither the person is stuck in the fourth plane or not.

The Fifth Plane of Existence is where both positive and negative entities exist. Positive entities may include angels, enlightened beings and Ascended Masters. This plane embraces the beliefs of suffering to be good as " I have to suffer to be close to God" or " I have to be poor to be kind" or " I have to scarify to receive love from others" or " I have to scarify my life to save the world".

The Sixth Plane of Existence governs all Laws creation and the universe. It is where all planes are controlled. It is the universal wisdom place. There are huge number of laws, which we still have not discovered yet. The law of Attraction, Cause and Effect, Gravity, Electricity, Light, Time, Colors and billions of other laws.

The Seventh Plane of Existence is the Creator of All That Is, the purest energy of Creation. It is the unconditional love energy with the highest truth and consciousness. There is never scarify in this plane, it is all about unconditional love. We are body with soul that comes from this plane of existence. Thus, we are connect to the Creator of All that is.

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Theta Healing modality uses this plane for healing asking the Creator for instantaneous healing and begin a witness of the creators healing energy.

All plane of existence are within ourselves. Our beliefs come from different plane of existence both in with consciousness and unconsciousness in four main levels: CORE (accumulated beliefs since born), HISTORY (from experiences collective global consciousness as culture). GENETIC (beliefs that are inherited from ancestors trough DNA), SOUL(accumulated from exposed experiences in a deeper soul level).

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Moreover, Soul and History level beliefs can be from past lives (for those who beliefs in past lives). Beliefs are stored based on its level for instance, Core Level beliefs are stored energetically in the frontal lobe of the brain. Genetic beliefs are held as energy in the morphogenic field of the DNA. History beliefs are in the auric field around shoulders. Soul Level beliefs are around the heart chakra.