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Before we talk about any success story, we should take about Vianna's story the founder of Theta healing:

Vianna was diagnosed with cancer in her femur. The doctors had told her she is dying and there is nothing to do than amputating her leg, which would give her only three months to live. That time is when Vianna tried to heal herself and she did and discovered the theta healing modality.

Another success story is my story:

Before I knew about theta healing I had experienced a lot of healing modalities to solve one issue. I had accumulated fears from marriage and bein engaged, whenever any proposal happened I get panic, as I would loose myself when I am with someone for the rest of my life. I did not know why I was holding these fears. I did not know their source. All I knew is not letting anyone to take me. Even If I consciously accept the idea of getting married, my subconscious mind would try to protect me and take me away in another direction. One day my sister told me about her desire to Study Riki, then we went together and gout our Riki teaching certification by Riki and Theta Healing instructor. She explained Theta healing to us, and then we decided to study theta. I had my first enlightenment opportunity; I had the chance for the first time to look deeply and truly to myself. I had the chance to address my limitations and heal them instantly. I discovered that marriage for me was a scarification. I had accumulated core and genetic beliefs that were about that women have to scarify and serve men in order to live. I was protecting myself by being alone. I healed myself and replaced my fears with that is safe to be loved and married. The Good news, that I am married now and I live a happy life that I truly enjoy. My husband is very kind person that I never thought that such a person exist. My husband respect my free well and loves me for my true self. I feel safe with him and I do really loves him unconditionally.

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