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Theta Healing uses a technique that tests the mind-body connection and the energy field. It is used to communicate with the subconscious mind to check out installed beliefs.

Emotions and beliefs are stored in ourselves as electromagnetic field that controls every aspect of our wellbeing. We move and think and take actions based on the electromagnetic pluses that are sent from our brains that complexly issued based on our installed experiences and beliefs in our subconscious mind.

The way of communicating with the subconscious mind is done through asking statement and get your body response that is controlled electromagnetically from the subconscious mind. Positive response sends positive pluses that generate strong control on the body and via versa for the negative response.

There are two main ways to perform the test, but all need well hydrated body to get an exact response from the subconscious mind. The first Test is called finger test and the second one is called the body sway.

Finger test is simple, it just requires you to bring your index and thumb fingers together and make them well connected. You should say a statement then try to make your fingers apart by your hand otherwise, the practitioner can do this for you. If you experience a strong control on your fingers this indicates that the statement is positive and your subconscious mind agrees on it. However, a week response indicates disagreement.

The Second way to perform the test is Body Sway. This is done while you are standing straight facing north and making your legs slightly apart. While doing the test you should look ahead and close your eyes then say the statement. For positive response your body would move forward and for the negative response your body would sway backward. It is always better to check your Yes and No first.

It is good to check the subconscious response by saying yes and make the test and saying no. this makes you recognize your control for the Yes and No and compare it with other statements. In addition, this shows you if the testing works or not. If you get a week response for Yes you need to drink water and zip yourself up to strengthen your energy back, then do the test again. In addition, after changing a subconscious belief by theta healing or simply by the power of consciousness you should test again to make sure that the belief is replaces and healed. The result of a changed belief should result in opposite response than the response prior to healing.

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However, there are cases in which the macules testing will not work. When you energy field is cut or weaken due to interference with other’s people energy. It is usual to experience a cut in the energy when for instance hug people the opposite side of the heart or from the back or make cross prayer. Energy field can be strengthening when hugging people by heart to heart, especially positive people or beloved ones. We can get our energy field strong back when we close our field by imagining that you zip yourself from down to up. The first Test is called finger test and the second one is called the body sway.

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Now, let try to check for some beliefs. But first try Yes and No.

I love my self
I have to suffer to learn
I am rejected
I am poor
I deserve to be successful
I am beloved
I am lonely
I am beautiful
I enjoy my life

If you get any negative response for that, then try to go deeper by finding why you are holding this belief and then replace it and heal it by theta healing modality.