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Theta healing modality basically uses two steps for healing. First the practitioner tries to find out the bottom or root believes that makes the illness or the limitation. In this process, the practitioner uses the digging work by identifying why the patient holds in this limiting subconscious believes. We tend to keep limiting believes for two reason: serve or protect us from a fear. During this process the practitioner communicate with the sub-conscious mind by muscles testing or by doing body scan. We get believes from different level historically, genetically and we accumulate them through or experiences. Theta healing change all the believes from all levels it changes even your DNA.

After finding the root limiting sub-conscious believes the practitioner go two second step which it Theta Healing. The practitioner gets first connected to the source energy in the theta brain wave and ask the creator for the healing. Theta Brain waves is the wave the is before sleeping in which the subconscious mind is more active, allowing as to change its stored believes.

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