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Our brain waves keep changing from frequency to another based on our activity. There are five main wave frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Each has different frequency strength and each part of brain would be more active than another in a particular wave.

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Gamma Brain Wave has the fastest frequency ranging from 38 TO 42 HZ. It is the state of min when processing information happens in different part of the mind. It transmits information rapidly. Moreover, it controls perception, focus, high cognitive functioning and consciousness. Gamma is believed to be highly active in the states of universal love and it generates the “feeling of blessings” and feeling of the ability to do anything. Everyone experience Gamma activity but in different levels. Low gamma frequency indicates problems with the memory and learning disabilities, whereas high Gamma gives more focus, memory recall, fast perception abilities and another emotional contentment as feeling of on-ness and blessing. However, the brain has to be calm to access that stat of mind.

Beta has frequency from 12 TO 38 HZ is when the conscious mind is Fully awake and alert. It is the brain wave when you solve mathematical problems and analyze business case to make a decision.

Alpha is slower frequency that Beta from 8 TO 12 HZ and is when you happen to be deeply relaxed, calm and not logically thinking. In this brain wave your subconscious mind is more active. It is considered as the bridge that takes you to the Theta brain wave from Beta. Alpha embraces the daydreams. When you have your Alpha state over or slower you tend to face issues in remembering as your memory would be short as the bridge between the alpha and beta would be week due to insufficient energy.

Theta Brain Wave goes slower from 4-7 cycle per second. It is the brain wave that encounters deeper meditation than the alpha and it is the one that embraces hypnosis. Mental Imagery happens during the theta brain wave it is happen during the REM(Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep cycle where dreams happen. During Theta state we experience a senses of withdrawal from the external world where the attention goes to pluses that comes from within our sub-consciousness. During Theta we are in a vivid imagery and intuition that are beyond our conscious awareness. Theta state happens through out the day, for instance, children when playing a video game may encounter theta state. Another example of the theta brain wave happens in performing abnormal skills and miracles as when people walk on hot coals without getting burned. The subconscious mind become more active in theta brain state and would govern the link between our consciousness and in-consciousness. It is in the theta brain wave when emotions, feelings, fears, troubled history, and nightmares are returned as well as the beliefs and behaviors get directed. In this state Theta Brain wave is considered as the spiritual wave. Moreover, the psychic power and sense become strong in Theta state as well as creativity , inspiration and imagination.

Finally, Delta Brain Wave is the slowest frequency but loudest wave, it goes from .5 TO 3 HZ. It happens when you are deeply asleep without dreaming and it happens also when you awake in some occasion. For example when you know who is calling when the phone rings. Delta waves suspend external awareness.

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Theta healing modality suggests that the state Gamma-Theta is the favorable state for instant healing. Where Theta happens during the healing and Gamma frequency helps to provide the solution.

While the brain waves change certain hormones and protons are released to control that process as the Beta Endorphin. In addition, any action that would alter your perception would encounter a change in your Brain wave and its frequencies. Each brain wave has set of a proving benefits such as focus ability or stress relief. The matter is just to balance their activity and to be able to tap in a certain brain wave to do a desire as Theta for healing.